Meet the Team

Nicola Durrant

Nicola Durrant, Special Educational Needs Consultant

Nicola is the Founder of ACE-SEN and mum to an Autistic daughter. She has over 20 years’ experience working with Special Education Needs children.

“Children with special needs have a beauty within them that has never ceased to amaze me. The sense of satisfaction of working with these children is incredible.” – Nicola

Tina Clarke, Autism Support Specialist

Over the past 11 years, Tina has worked with a Local Authority as an Autism Support Worker. She has vast experience working with children who have more complex autistic needs and require support to talk, communicate and engage with the outside world.

Tina Clarke
Terrie Ludbrook

Terrie Ludbrook, Early Years Special Educational Needs Consultant

Terrie specialises in working with children aged 0-5. She has a BTEC National Diploma and a Degree in Nursery Nursing. She gained her QTS in 2001 and has 20 years’ experience working with Special Needs children in schools.

Terrie’s passion is empowering families to extend their knowledge and understanding so they feel able to move forward with confidence.

Jane Morgan, Specialist Hairdresser for Special Needs

Jane is a hairdresser of 32 years and a mum to 3 Autistic sons.

Jane’s mission is to support families in making the essential task of getting a haircut for your child as easy as possible.

Jane Morgan
Claire Savijn

Claire Savijn, Education and Health Care Plan Consultant

Claire has extensive experience with supporting parents and schools with managing and amending a child’s EHCP, attending annual reviews, mediating meetings. She has also worked with children at risk of school placement breakdown or exclusion and has prepared paperwork for Tribunals and Appeals.