FAMILY PACKAGE for newly diagnosed young people with Autism 

When your child is diagnosed with a condition such as Autism, life can suddenly become very surreal and it can take a long time to process this information, not only for the individual concerned but for the whole family.  By following the extensively tried and tested ACE-SEN ‘3 stage process,’ life becomes easier and more manageable.  At the end of the process, you will have a greater understanding of Autism, a wealth of strategies to support and greater confidence as a parent.  


Session 1 – What is Autism?

This session will focus on ‘understanding Autism.’  Before we can begin to accept a diagnosis, a journey of understanding is essential.  

Session 2 – Exploring the individual profile

This session looks at unpicking what the Autistic profile looks like for the individual.  For each person with a diagnosis, the complex profile of strengths and areas of difference will be unique to each person. By the end of the session, a thorough understanding will be known. The four key areas of difference will be explored:  Social communication, social understanding, information processing and sensory

Session 3 – Strategies

This session looks at the bespoke strategies to use with a young person and the individual profile of needs.  By the end of the session, you will have a bank of strategies (with resources) to take away and trial.


Session 4 – Educating the whole family

It is important that all family members, particularly those that reside in the family home and familiar extended family members, attend this session.  You will be held accountable for ensuring the advice given is implemented.  This is an important session in terms of educating the whole family in their understanding and what everyone can do to play a part in supporting a diagnosis.  When this happens, we can truly begin to accept and celebrate each young person for who they are


Sessions 5 +6 – Check in/follow up sessions

Can either be done face to face or Skype.  Review of strategies,  celebrating progress, etc.  We can move to ’embracing’ the diagnosis and moving forwards into a greater level of acceptance, celebration and embrace. 

Following the ACE-SEN process will take approximately 8 hours 

Price on application 

A free, no obligation telephone consultation is available on request.