I will work closely with parents and family to identify, develop and implement specific strategies and interventions looking at The Four Key Areas of Difference – Communication, Social understanding, Sensory Processing, Interests and Information Processing understanding that these differences have an impact on how their child functions to meet his/her needs.

To support in working closely with families and extended families in the home setting to put in place strategies and interventions that will develop family knowledge, skills and understanding of using visual strategies for structures, routines and interventions to support their child in moving forward from the challenging situation that is occurring.

A Specialist Autism Support will support families in understanding and

  • looking at the changes that can be made to provide an autism friendly adapted home
  • looking at using a range of strategies to provide routine and structure
  • putting in place Emotion strategies and interventions
  • putting in place strategies and interventions to provide communication opportunities for their child
  • putting in place interventions to build on social interaction skills for their child
  • putting in place strategies to build on confidence and self esteem to encourage independence.

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