I will work closely with the school staff and the individual child to identify, develop and implement specific strategies and interventions looking at The Four Key Areas of Difference – Communication, Social understanding, Sensory Processing, Interests and Information Processing understanding that these differences have an impact on the way the child functions to meet his/her needs.
To support in School environment working closely with Staff on agreed outcomes, develop skills, increase staff knowledge and expertise to understand and plan the right support for the individual child to help school staff work towards the individual child progressing, developing skills in independence and thriving in the school setting by putting in place strategies and interventions recommended.

A Specialist Autism Support will support school staff in understanding and:

  • looking at the adaptations that can be made to adapt the curriculum,
  • using a range of visual strategies to help provide routine and structure
  • putting in place a range of Emotion strategies and interventions
  • putting in place strategies and interventions to provide opportunities for communication
  • putting in place interventions to build on social interaction skills
  • putting in place strategies and interventions to encourage independence 

Please look at the outline of services for more information on our charges.

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